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Account Management

We are approachable for you 24/7. It is totally up to you if you want a daily chat or rather a weekly/monthly check-in. We have the human resources to provide a daily exchange as well as the technical infrastructure to work absolutely efficiently while having a personal exchange to the absolute minimum.

You can reach out by mail, whatsapp, video call or phone call. In general we try to organize personal exchanges via calendar invites.

We take care of everything. After setting up secure data share points and developing the content roadmap, we do everything from there. We perfectly structure all content flows, so that our chatting team will deliver guaranteed results quickly.

The account manager is the liaison between you and the rest of the Magic team. The team that runs your account could consist of several people, depending on the size of the account. The account manager works with you on every aspect from communicating your requests to the rest of the team, custom requests, answering questions, and guiding the account to success.

An account audit is done the days after onboarding and allows our team to review how the account has performed in the past, where the main sources of revenue come from, identify top fans, and informs our strategy creation.

You will have a direct line of communication to your account manager via whatsapp. The account manager will send you any custom requests from a fan. You can either chose to accept or decline.

You will have access to your account manager via whatsapp.


Book a slot via our calendar tool. It is fast, simple and we can directly figure out if an application at Magic ist right for you.

Book a slot via our calendar tool. It is fast, simple and we can directly figure out if an application at Magic ist right for you.

Please note that we carefully consider each and every application before we reject someone or move on to the next round. We are very confident in regards to our capabilities to maximize the financial success with each partner that we are onboarding. Every onboarding requires a fair amount of resources and dedication from our side. We therefore only team up with creators where based on the shared information we are very confident in creating maximum success.

With the amount of applications we are receiving on a daily base, we have no doubt that we make a wrong call once in a while. If you have been working on your career since your last application, you are very welcome to apply again if since your last application more than three months have passed.

After sending us your information, please give our team a day or two to get back to you. We’ll ask a few follow up questions and schedule a discovery call to make sure you can ask all the questions you want from our team. Following that call we’ll package a proposal for your review and approval.

Once the proposal is approved our team will schedule an onboarding call with you to set up logistics, communication setup with your account manager, content schedule, and understand any limitations you might have with your fans.

Once the proposal is approved our team will schedule an onboarding call with you to set up logistics, communication setup with your account manager, content schedule, and understand any limitations you might have with your fans.

The discovery call is a great call to schedule with our team to ask any questions, meet an account manager, and help our team understand your account in more depth before drafting a proposal for you.

We focus on small to large accounts. We do not typically work with starter accounts unless it is backed by an existing large social media following. However, feel free to send your information to our team any way as our team may have recommendations or other resources for you if you are just beginning.

This depends. We are usually backlogged with creator requests to onboard, so it may be a few weeks before we can begin the onboarding process. Once we have fully onboarded your account, our team begins an account audit to dive deep into the numbers and data to establish a successful approach. You should usually see solid results in the first week.


All content rights are reserved for you. We only use the content on your behalf while we have no ownership.

Together with your account manager, you will define the sweet spot of your personal desired type of content and highly success-related content. You will only have to produce content that you feel absolutely comfortable with.

This strongly depends on your goals and also how much content is already available. Generally speaking, the more desired content you’ll produce the more success we’ll achieve. Between 10-20 content pieces per week is a range you probably should consider.

If you’re already an expert in your field you should not have to work more than 5 hours a week.

Hell NO! We know the platform and we know what works best on it. It doesn’t have to be professional photos and videos. We show and explain to our models what the photos should look like.


We are extremely firm in the field of online marketing. The use of concrete marketing channels strongly varies on the individual strategy we put in place for you. We generally work with platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tinder, Bumble, Reddit, and others. Within those platforms, we have playbooks for organic and paid strategies.

Both work, depending on the circumstance we may have individual recommendations after our team reviews your situation. Please send your information to our team for review.

Our promotion campaigns are focused on growing your onlyfans directly using paid shoutout campaigns with a network of top performing models with guaranteed results (on free accounts). We also grow instagram accounts using paid shoutouts on larger instagram accounts to promote you and your content while following strict IG rules around adult material.

Rarely. The only services we offer a la carte are promotional services. If account management is a service you are seeking, full account management is required so our team can guide the account to success.

Very occasionally. Our primary focus is onlyfans, however if you have a large concentration in another platform such as fansly, our team is able to implement the same management and growth strategies.

Content creation is the primary responsibility. The Magic team operates the rest on your behalf.

Building Media Profile & Story Design Marketing creative materials Media exposure including: PR, Submissions All promotions and marketing technique (not only shoutouts) Growth of your social accounts Fanclub’s account management Fanclub’s daily postingMessage management and fans support PPV and other products sales Daily optimizations of the performance for improving the generated income Advising and assisting with content creation Weekly and Monthly performance reviews through Data analysis

Payment and Privacy

We provide multiple ways of how payments are made. This strongly depends on what is best for you. In general, payments are made on a monthly basis regardless of whom sets up the invoice.

No, there are no financial risks attached. After moving beyond the application phase we set up a contract on our costs. We’ll invest time and money in order to achieve the best possible results together. We only make money, when your account makes money. There are no hidden costs on your account.

Privacy and data security are basic requirements we fully cover with every partner. After your onboarding is complete, only you and your dedicated account manager have access to your shared data files. The same goes for your OF account, we do not spread the password across the team, it is only in the hands of the staff directly responsible for your support.

Yes, you can. We developed multiple successful strategies on how you can stay anonymous while still making more than 50.000$ per month.

We’re looking for a long term relationship with our models but it all depends on the model and her wishes

We invoice twice per month. Depending on your country, we can work with a number of different payment processors.

At Magic, we prioritize security and do not share direct access to your OnlyFans account with any non-management level members of our team. To maintain the security of your account, we utilize a company virtual private server (VPS) system in which our team can access and view your account without being provided with direct login credentials. This ensures that your account remains secure and that passwords are not shared among multiple individuals working on your account.


One of our biggest goals is to make our models internationally known not only as a model but as a brand and to build connections all over the world.

Of course, OnlyFans is a great sales channel for you in the beginning, but our managers also have the expertise you need to become successful on Instagram, TikTok, or in your own business. Your Account manager is there for you to express your desires and goals.

Yes, in the beginning, as long as you are not yet successful in the OnlyFans and/or social media space, we recommend that you continue to work in your regular job.

yes, our number of exclusive models is limited! Nevertheless, we are constantly trying to expand our portfolio. So take your chance and apply today.